Episode 7 - You Win Or You Die


With just two weeks to go until the start of the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones, we thought we would go back into Scottish history to tell you the story of the two horrifying events which inspired the most famous moment in George R.R. Martin's story: the Red Wedding.

Episode 5 - Black Death (Part 1)


The Bubonic Plague has arrived in Scotland. Not among the squalor of a medieval village, but on the streets of Victorian Glasgow. Where has it come from, and why is it spreading?

Episode 4 - Third Degree Burns


Robert Burns was one of the great poets of his age, a Scottish hero, our national Bard and the toast of high society throughout his short career. This story isn't about him - not completely anyway.

Episode 2 - We Eat People

Episode 6 - Black Death (Part 2)


A nightmare has descended upon Edinburgh. The great plague, the Black Death, has returned and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it...

Episode 3 - Tam o’ Shanter


Meet Tam - one of Robert Burns' most famous creations - as he rides from Ayr through Alloway and meets some... suspicious characters. This is something a bit different for us, and we put a lot into making it so we hope you enjoy!

Episode 1 - Riot Act


Scottish history is full of stories of bloodthirsty characters... but are they any more than just characters? Let's meet a couple and find out.


We love to kick up a rammy when faced with authority. So what do the authorities do to protect themselves? We go back to 1919 and one of the last times The Riot Act was heard on Scotland's streets.

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